ASDA'A in three - way tie-up with International Insights and Edelman
New network brings world class public relations consultancy to region

Dubai, September 13, 2005: ASDA’A, the region’s leading public relations consultancy, today announced a breakthrough initiative linking it with newly launched London-based International Insights. The exclusive three-way network agreement involving ASDA’A, its New York-headquartered partner Edelman, and II – has created a specialist international network offering global communications expertise to businesses with a Middle East focus.

At the core of the initiative is II, a consultancy launched this week by industry veteran, Allan Biggar, the former Burson-Marsteller UK Chairman and global corporate and financial practice Chairman. He has worked in the Middle East for diverse clients such as the UAE Offsets Group, The Egyptian Tourism Board, US AID, Government of Kuwait, and Coca-Cola.

International Insights is aimed at Middle East corporate clients looking to expand into the international arena and the western corporates looking to explore the huge potential in the region particularly in the Gulf, as well as offering advice on country and destination branding.

Sunil John, Managing Director, ASDA’A said: “The network we have put together with our partners Edelman and International Insights will offer specialist international communications expertise from world class consultants to regional and global entities. Uniquely, the members of the network understand the way the regional market works and are aware of the culture and sensitivities that influence it.”

David Brain, President and CEO of Edelman Europe, said: “We are very bullish about the prospects for the Middle East and North Africa region. The region is becoming increasingly important for many global brands with a growing affluent consumer base as well as major investment opportunities.”

Allan Biggar said: “London is still first choice for clients from the Middle East looking for world class strategic advice, creative output and a stepping stone to the rest of the world. I have long believed there’s been a niche for an agency catering for this market place. The region is still misunderstood by many despite the significant opportunities if offers. While international agencies obviously do work in the marketplace not one of them has really targeted it the way I believe it should be.

Sunil John further commented: “It is no secret that the region’s corporate sector, both regional and multinational, has developed and become far more sophisticated. The government and institutional sector also demand a different type of strategic consultancy based on a deep knowledge of the region and insight into the dynamics of a consumer base that is significantly youthful.

International Insights will offer strategic branding, corporate, public affairs, crisis and reputation consultancy delivered regionally by ASDA’A and internationally by Edelman globally.