Ford Middle East: Conservation & Environmental Grants
Ford Motor Company spearheads one of the world’s largest corporate initiatives in providing financial aid to existing environmental projects covering 50 countries.  The programme reaches out to individuals or non-government organizations based in the GCC and Levant whose environmental projects are non-profit in nature.  To date, a total of nearly USD1 million has been awarded providing vital support to over 110 projects in the region. ASDA'A B-M has been managing the programme with Ford Middle East since 2003.

  •  Maximise awareness of the Ford Environmental & Conservation Grants among media, environmental institutions and potential applicants.
  •  Maintain consistent media profile of the Grant’s programme.
  •  Establish Ford Motor Company as a leader in the support of environmental and conservation projects in the ME.

  • Extensive coordination with environmental institutions and individuals.
  • Securing interviews/features in leading dailies and magazines to maximise the exposure of the project and encourage applicants.
  • Maintain and regularly update Grants website, Manage the process of juror invitations, winner selection and Grant presentation ceremony.

  • Number of Hits for 2008-2009 programme:  144
  • Perceived Value:  USD 644,413